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Project 3: Video Profile

Some people have hobbies, but for Kurt Teeter, pottery is a passion and a lifestyle. In this video, Teeter, owner of Zenclay, discusses how pottery plays an important role in both his and his customers’ lives. According to the artist, his studio serves as an escape from the demands of everyday life. Teeter took over the studio from Sue Ting, the founder of Zenclay, nearly seven years ago, with a mission to educate and enlighten others about the world of pottery.

The video opens up with a four-shot sequence of Teeter preparing pots for glazing. In addition to his discussion of pottery and its importance in his life, there is a visual narrative as well. The video both begins and ends with shots of Teeter’s “bird pots.” I included sequences of his students working as well. Overall, I tried to provide b-roll to visually emphasize Teeter’s narrative.

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