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About me

Trenton Straight

Video Journalist

About me

I’ve always found great interest in learning about other people and telling their stories. I feel that words have the ability to educate and bring light to important topics that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Currently, I’m studying journalism at the WVU Reed College of Media, and for two years I’ve worked at the Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University’s independent newspaper. As the video editor, I’m responsible for producing and managing video production for the entirety of the paper. Despite the setback of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been able to expand the video department’s reach by developing a variety of new video series.




Multimedia editing


Data visualization

Data analysis


Photographer/videographer at the Daily Athenaeum
(2019 – 2020)

  • Designed and produced video content for the paper
  • Wrote feature articles and photo stories
  • Conducted interviews with a variety of subjects in the Morgantown area

Video editor at the Daily Athenaeum
(2020 – current)

  • Developed and produced several new video series
  • Collaborates with other multimedia editors to increase social media engagement
  • Leads video team with weekly coordination and management of all projects

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