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Pottery an ‘escape from the real world’ says one local artist

“Some people have hobbies, but for Kurt Teeter, pottery is a passion and a lifestyle. Zenclay is one of the few pottery studios in Morgantown that offers classes for artists at all levels. In this video, Teeter, owner of the studio, discusses how pottery plays an important role in both his and his customers’ lives. Teeter said for many of his clientele, the studio serves as an escape from the demands of everyday life. He took over the studio from Sue Ting, the founder of Zenclay, nearly seven years ago, with the mission to educate and enlighten others about the world of pottery.”

In an effort to shed light on creators in Morgantown and how the pandemic has impacted their work, I developed a “creator spotlight” series, working as video editor at the Daily Athenaeum. This particular video launched the series in fall of 2020.

Local farmer rebounds from pandemic

In this video, local farmer Julie Mallow discusses her farm’s recovery during the pandemic.

“I want people to understand that it takes a lot,” Mallow said. “There’s a lot that goes into what we do and how we grow things… to give them the best product available.”

Read the full story here.

Spring Arts Walk 2021

Artisan shop creates online store, keeps local creators afloat

“Hoot & Howl is an artisan shop that sells handmade gifts and accessories from over 120 West Virginia and American small businesses. When the coronavirus forced the store to temporarily close, store owner Stephanie Swaim decided to create an online store so her business and the artisans who make the products can continue to earn money. This video is the latest in the Small Business Spotlight series.”

I developed the “Small Business Spotlight” series as a way to tell the stories of local business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as how they met challenges posed by state and federal mandates. Overall, it was a great way to improve both my videography and interview skills because it required me to coordinate with a variety of people in the Morgantown area.

Beaches and Birds: Sunrise at Cocoa Beach
As the sun begins to rise in Cocoa Beach, Florida, sandpipers scour the coast in search of food.

While traveling to Cocoa Beach, Florida, I captured footage of a variety of birds who make their home along the Space Coast, one of the world’s most diverse estuaries. The project was both challenging and insightful. Despite the difficulty of capturing wildlife in action, I had the opportunity to experiment with diegetic sound and light, in an effort to capture the atmosphere of a sunrise on the beach.

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